Co-Vocalizing with Julia

Co-Vo with us! Keep your voice in shape while you stay at home.

What is Co-Vo?

Co-Vo is short for Community Vocalizingfree 30-minute vocal workout sessions for classical singers to join in at home. We are all singing the workout together, as a community. 

When are the meetings?

Co-Vo Original sessions are held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:00-6:30 PDT. These sessions are free and open to all.

Please visit for our schedule of additional vocal workouts and seminars, including Co-Vo Fundamentals and Co-Vo Pro sessions, as well as Spotlight Seminars.

How does it work?

All participants log on to a Zoom call and remain muted while they sing along to a vocalizing routine that Dr. Julia Nielsen will guide, live, from her studio. The exercises and pitch ranges selected will be appropriate for all voice categories, although Julia will offer guidance on modifications for higher/lower voices and different levels of vocal development.

Is there a cost?

No. Co-Vo Original is always free. However, if you would like to support this free service, please consider booking a paid workout. (Visit for a schedule of classes.)

Can everyone see me while I sing?

Only if you want them to. You can join the Zoom call with video, or with audio only. (“Audio only” means you can hear and see Julia, but no one can see or hear you during the workout.) But we’d love to see your face! It deepens our sense of community.

Can singers who are not current studio members attend?

Absolutely. Please invite friends and colleagues to Co-Vo with us! Feel free to direct any members of our classical singing community to Then they can contact Julia directly for the Zoom link by filling out the request form on the Co-Vo website.

How can I access these sessions?

A Zoom meeting link and password is sent to Julia’s studio members in their monthly studio newsletters. If you need this information again, or are not a current member of the studio, you can contact Julia directly for the link by filling out the request form on the Co-Vo website. If you’ve joined us before, the link is the same for every meeting.