Vocal Registration: A Singer’s Guide

Instructor: Dr. Julia Nielsen

Three Ways to Attend: 

  1. Seminar (in person in Julia’s studio)
  2. Online via webinar (in real time)
  3. As a video program (to be viewed after the live event)

When: Monday, March 2, 2020 6:30pm-8:30pm

Where: Dr. Nielsen’s Studio, San Francisco, CA

Fee: $75, $65 if prepaid by February 24

Description: Head, chest, mix, modal, falsetto, whistle, fry, thick, thin, TA, CT…the terminology used by singers and voice professionals to describe the registers of the human voice can be incredibly confusing! Many singers are left wondering:

  • What is a “vocal register” anyway?
  • How do I transition smoothly from one register to another?
  • What’s actually going on in my passaggio, and why is it so challenging to sing there?
  • What’s the difference between male head voice and falsetto?
  • Do women have a “falsetto”?
  • Why does my voice crack? 

Vocal Registration: A Singer’s Guide will address these questions and many more, covering:

  • Clear definitions of common terms like head voice, mixed voice, whistle register
  • An explanation of the physiology of vocal registers (including the functions of the TA “thyroarytenoid” and CT “cricothyroid” muscles)
  • How factors like breath pressure and vowel affect vocal registration
  • The difference between laryngeal registration and acoustical registration
  • More than a dozen practical vocal exercises to help strengthen and blend your vocal registers, with a focus on cross-registration exercises

Registration: Please contact Dr. Julia Nielsen to reserve a spot.