Vibrato: A Singer’s Guide

Instructor: Dr. Julia Nielsen

Format: Seminar (in person) and simultaneous webinar (online)

When: Monday, October 21, 2019 6:30pm-8:30pm

Where: Dr. Nielsen’s Studio, San Francisco, CA

Fee: $70 for studio members, $80 for non-members, $60 if prepaid by October 14

Description: Have you ever wondered:

  • What causes vocal vibrato?
  • How can I sing “straight tone” and not hurt myself?
  • Is the dreaded wobble inevitable with age?
  • How can I develop a vibrato if I don’t have one?
  • If my vibrato is too fast/slow/wide/uneven, what can I do about it?
  • Why does my jaw/tongue/neck/larynx shake with my vibrato?
  • Do I have to sing all early and Baroque music with no vibrato?

Vibrato: A Singer’s Guide is designed to help demystify the topic of vocal vibrancy, and give singers the tools they need to work with their vibratos. Singers will leave the workshop with a rudimentary understanding of:

  • The parameters of a healthy, normal vibrato
  • The physiological causes of vibrato
  • The connections between breath support, vocal folds, and vibrato
  • Vocal exercises that can help singers learn to straighten their tone healthily when necessary, or to encourage vibrato if it is absent or inconsistent

Registration: Please contact Dr. Julia Nielsen to reserve a spot.