Portland Master Class

Instructor: Dr. Julia Nielsen


Where: Clark College, Beacock Music Building (MUS) Room 104, 1933 Fort Vancouver Way, Vancouver, OR

Fee: $45 for auditors ($35 for full time students with student I.D.), $65 for working singers

Registration: Registration is limited. Please email Dr. Julia Nielsen at julia@singerspace.com to reserve a spot and receive payment instructions. If you would like to be considered to sing, please send your resume to julia@singerspace.com.

Participants: Although this master class was designed with classical singers and voice teachers in mind, it is open to singers of all genres.

Description: The purpose of this master class is to offer singers and teachers the opportunity to observe technical teaching in a public setting.

Some of the specific subject matter covered will include:

  • A practical definition of lower body support
  • Achieving balanced registration in both male and female voices
  • Finding optimal resonance (acoustical protection) for the voice
  • Strategies for applying technique to repertoire
  • What to listen and watch for in the first voice lesson with a new student
  • Properly diagnosing vocal fach

During the afternoon, four singers of varying voice categories, ages, and levels of experience will be vocalized by Julia, and then will present a piece of repertoire to work on with Julia.