Lessons in Portland, Oregon

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When: Thursday, September 13 through Saturday, September 15, 2018

Where: Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, 147 N.W. 19th Avenue, Portland, OR

Dr. Julia Nielsen will be offering private lessons in Portland, OR from September 13 through September 15, 2018. During these sessions, the singer will receive a functional voice assessment–a thorough check-up of many of the component technical skills that are necessary for free, efficient, healthy phonation in the classical/operatic style, including:

Breath and Support

  • Posture and body alignment
  • Inhalation
  • Lower body support, including intercostal, abdominal, lower back, and chest muscles
  • Breath pressure (energy) vs. breath flow (release)

Vocal folds

  • Onset and offset (i.e., initiation and release of tone)
  • Vocal fold closure during phonation (balanced, pressed, breathy)
  • Registration (development and balance of “head” and “chest” mechanisms)
  • Range and dynamic control


  • Open throat (including palate posture)
  • Neck/jaw/tongue release
  • Laryngeal position and flexibility
  • Facial posture and embouchure (mouth opening)


  • Vowel and consonant clarity
  • Freedom and flexibility of tongue/jaw/palate during pronunciation
  • Legato singing in text

Singers will receive:

  • Specific, tailored exercises designed for areas of coordination that need building, improving, or adjusting
  • Self-monitoring tools to employ while using these exercises
  • The opportunity to ask questions freely, regarding any aspect of vocal coordination. The singer’s own curiosity and concerns will help to guide the process!

To request a session, please email Dr. Nielsen at julia@singerspace.com.