David Jones Teacher Mentoring Program

Instructor: Maestro David Jones

When: Saturday, June 22, 2019 1:00pm-5:00pm (Check-in begins at 12:45pm)

Where: Kanbar Performing Arts Center, Level IV Room (3rd floor), 44 Page St., San Francisco

Fee: $90. The early registration rate of $75 is available to participants whose payments are postmarked by June 3, 2019.

Registration: Registration is limited. Please email Dr. Julia Nielsen at julia@singerspace.com to reserve a spot and receive payment instructions.

Participants: While designed with voice teachers in mind, this workshop is equally appropriate for singers.

Description: The David Jones Teacher Mentoring Program was established in London in 2008 to offer teachers and singers information regarding the Swedish-Italian and Italian Singing Schools. The purpose of this seminar series is to offer teachers the opportunity to observe technical teaching in a public setting, providing information based on Old World teaching principles.

Some of the specific subject matter covered will include:

  • A brief history of the Swedish-Italian School of Singing
  • Balancing the upper passaggio in both male and female voices
  • What to listen and watch for in the very first voice lesson with a new student
  • Properly diagnosing vocal fach
  • Finding acoustical protection for the voice and the voce cuperto
  • Diagnosing vocal damage

During the afternoon, six singers of varying voice categories, ages, and levels of experience will be vocalized by David, and then will present a piece of repertoire to work on with David.