Breathing Coordination

Dr. Julia Nielsen is currently receiving training in Breathing Coordination from Lynn Martin and Robin De Haas, two of the world’s preeminent practitioners of Breathing Coordination. Julia is available for introductory private sessions in Breathing Coordination, in conjunction with the voice training she provides. Her work is closely supervised by Ms. Martin and Mr. De Haas.

What is Breathing Coordination?

Breathing Coordination is a form of bodywork designed to stimulate all of the different muscles and articulations that are involved in an individual’s breathing patterns, and to rebalance and harmonize them with one another in an optimal way.

What can I expect during a Breathing Coordination session?

During a Breathing Coordination session, the practitioner will perform an assessment of the student’s breathing mechanism and the body parts that are linked with it. Assessment procedures have been carefully designed by Lynn Martin, based on her years of work with Carl Stough (1926-2000), the founder of Breathing Coordination, and her lifelong study of functional anatomy. During the assessment, the student will both lie and sit on a massage table, and will receive guidance through the practitioner’s touch in reducing tensions in the body that may impact his or her breathing coordination. After the initial assessment, the student will also be guided in exercises, both without and with the use of the voice, that assist in re-coordinating and/or optimizing the breathing process.

What will I receive during my Breathing Coordination session?

You will receive a personalized assessment of your breathing habits, and how they could be made more efficient. You will also receive a detailed strategy for how to optimize your usage of your breathing mechanism.

How can I learn more about Breathing Coordination?

For more information on Breathing Coordination—the method, principles, history, and technique—please visit and