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Oct 24

Goal Setting in Practice

In: 2018 October

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Are you the kind of person who always goes to the grocery store with a shopping list? Do you keep …

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Jan 06

Variety vs. Consistency in Vocalizing

Are you a singer who vocalizes on the same handful of exercises day after day, week after week, maybe even …

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Dec 02

Preparing the Whole Body for Practice

In: 2013 November

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Do you begin your daily practice with any sort of physical warm-up? That is, do you perform any movements or …

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Sep 19


Scales. We all sing them. Some of us love them. Others of us, not so much. But there’s no denying …

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Jul 27

The Practice Journal

When I was seven years old, I started piano lessons. My teacher, Miss Enid Butler, was an older lady with …

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Jun 07

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

In: 2012 June

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“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all?” While her motive in asking the question was suspect, …

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May 14

Why We Don’t Practice

I will admit it. Practicing has not always been my favorite activity in the world. Given a totally free choice …

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May 07

Practice Space and Place

Several months ago, I worked with a new student for the first time. Although she was quite experienced and had …

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May 01

Welcome to the Practice Room

In: 2012 May

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We’ve all heard the old joke, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice!” And many of us …

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